Things to Consider While Moving House on a Budget

Moving house is a tedious task and also
an expensive one, if you haven’t planned well, the cost of moving your house
will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. The different things to consider
while moving house ranges from getting a cheap car transport quote to choosing
the right time to move. The things which you should consider while moving your
house on a budget are as follows.

Cheap Car Transport Quote

Moving quote is the amount which the company who will move your house to a different location asks for, so getting a cheap car transport quote will definitely save your money. You should contact as many transport companies as possible and ask them for an accurate car transport quote and choose the one which you find cheapest.

Moving at right Time

If you plan on moving on the peak season i.e. September to May, you will have to pay a hefty amount, but if you plan to move during the off season, you will get a pretty good discount. You should also consider doing an early booking with the transport company for moving out.

Keep the Necessary Stuff and Sell Everything Else

You should make a list of all the important things that you want to take with you and separate it from all the other things which you have no plan on taking with you. Then sell all the remaining stuff, you can sell it by organizing a yard sale or either online through eBay etc. It will also generate some cash which will help you.

Make a Plan

Well, it’s the most important thing which you should do and also the first thing when you plan on moving to a different location. The various things to consider such as finances, job, cost of land at the place where you plan on moving, the time it will take to move etc. You should think really well on how you plan on doing it all and you should start preparations for it early and believe me preparing early will help you a lot.

These are some of the few things you
should consider while moving your house on a budget, because moving your house
takes a lot of money and if you spent high amount of money on things, the money
which could’ve been easily saved, it will all add up and eat a large portion of
your budget. So plan well and consider a lot of things before moving.

When is The Best Time to Sell your House

If you are looking to sell your home,
you’re not alone! Selling your home can be a nerve wracking experience, whether
it’s your first home on the market or you’ve sold a few over the years. One of
the most important questions that people must consider when they know they want
to sell their house is this: when is the best time of the year to sell a house?
Let’s take a closer look at the best—and worst—times to sell your house, along
with a very special “sweet spot” that many homeowners can benefit from using.

The House Selling Sweet Spot: March to May

In most cities, that very special “sweet spot” comes between March and May—in other words, autumn with most property transactions between this time. The reason this is a particular sweet spot in many city’s real estate markets is a combination of the weather (as May is usually mild) along with the month coinciding with the end of tax season and a lead-up into the spring time settlement date when many people have more time to pack up and move.

Ideal Seasons: Spring and Summer

In general, spring and summer are the best
times to sell your house, with spring being more advantageous than the summer
in most markets.

Spring time has excellent weather and many
people are more likely to purchase a home in the spring when they know they
won’t have to combat snow or icy winds to get everything going. People also
prefer to buy new homes before the summer season begins, as this will give them
ample time in the summer to move, unbox and unpack all of their belongings.

Summer is another great season to sell your
home in, though it is slightly less popular than spring. As a general rule,
early summer and midsummer are the best times to sell your home during this
season; most people prefer not to move in late summer as the new school year
closes in on them.

Worst Seasons: Winter

End of autumn is not exactly a terrible time to sell your home, but for the most part, people who purchase new homes at the end of autumn are people who have no other options, the weather is getting colder and winter is on its way. This includes people whose leases are up at apartments or rental properties, people who are looking for somewhere to live at the start of a new school year, and other similar circumstances. You will find that most sales are towards the beginning of the autumn, so aim for an early autumn sale instead of the later option.

The worst time of the year to sell your
home is in the winter, especially if you live in an area where there will be
cold weather, winds, snow and ice making things more difficult. Homeowners
prefer not to purchase new homes in the winter because of all these
complications, so unless you absolutely have to do so for emergency reasons,
avoid putting your home up for sale in the winter.